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博天堂官方入口 certification for retail


Third-party verification

Companies are finding that customers embrace retailers that have proven environmental stewardship. 零售ers are focusing more 和 more on sustainability to help differentiate their br和s, performance 和 strategies. 越来越多地, companies recognize that stepping up to this challenge will require implementing meaningful corporate social responsibility plans 和 working toward energy efficiency, 节约水, increased resilience, reduced emissions 和 net zero waste strategies.

Why retail facilities are certifying to 博天堂官方入口

Through 博天堂官方入口 certification, building 和 interior spaces receive an internationally recognizable, third-party verification that shows the world that a company means business regarding sustainability. 零售ers can also use 博天堂官方入口 to support CSR reporting. 例子包括 香奈儿, 普拉达, 道明银行, 花旗银行坦吉尔的奥特莱斯购物中心.

  • Health: Employees 和 customers of 博天堂官方入口-certified retail locations benefit from spaces designed to maximize indoor fresh air 和 minimize exposure to airborne toxins 和 pollutants.
  • Savings: 博天堂官方入口 stores operate with lower operating costs. 平均, the life-cycle savings amounting to 20 percent of total construction costs represents a ten-fold payback on the upfront investment.
  • Responsibility: 博天堂官方入口 certification sends a powerful message about a company’s values 和 priorities. 通过博天堂官方入口, retailers actively demonstrate to their employees 和 customers that they care about human health, community resilience 和 environmental protection.
  • Value: 博天堂官方入口-certified retail spaces attract 和 retain more customers than non-certified comparable spaces. 博天堂官方入口 spaces also report higher sales 和 operate with lower overhead costs.
  • 品牌 loyalty: 博天堂官方入口 certification sends a powerful message about a company’s values 和 improve overall br和 experience 和 increase br和 loyalty
  • Verification: The 博天堂官方入口 plaque on the wall sends the message that you care about your customers 和 employees 和 that a third party has verified the sustainability 和 health aspects of your space. Third-party validation helps guarantee that each project saves energy, water 和 other resources, reducing overall environmental impact. 没有偷工减料.

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截至2021年10月, 超过9,200 stores 和 retail facilities have earned 博天堂官方入口 green building certification.

View more examples in the 博天堂官方入口 Project 目录.


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